Rome Pilgrimage!
May 17-25, 2020

At the front row for the Papal Audience in St. Peter’s Square
Pray at the tomb of St. Catherine of Siena
Pray at the tomb of St. Monica for all our loved ones who are away from the faith or lost in life
Receive blessing from Pope Francis
Celebrate the Mass of the Martyrs in the Catacombs
Remember the martyrs of ancient Rome
Learn the Biblical symbolism of Rome’s sacred art
Reading St. Paul’s writings at his tomb
“Theology in Stone”: Learn how every detail in St.

Peter’s Basilica is charged with great symbolism

Learn “how to read a church” at St. John Lateran and other spectacular basilicas in Rome
Pray over the tombs of the apostles St. Philip

and St. James

St. Peter’s Basilica

Rigatoni alla Norcina, a foretaste of heaven!
Travel through the Italian countryside to visit the

Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi and pray at his tomb

Pray over a first century “house church” where

some the earliest Christians in Rome celebrated


Eat at a Roman tavern-pizzeria where the locals like

to frequent

Rome Pilgrimage!

May 17-25, 2020

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  • Touch the historical roots of our faith
  • Learn how to “read” a church
  • Be evangelized by beauty
  • Walk the streets of the early Christian martyrs.
  • Pray over the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul.
  • Celebrate Mass in the Catacombs.
  • Learn about the many saints, martyrs and Popes of Rome right in the places where they lived and died.
  • Discover the rich Biblical and spiritual themes in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and many other churches and pieces of sacred art in Rome.

Dr. Edward Sri lived and studied in Rome and offers pilgrims a unique insider’s perspective on the Eternal City. With him personally guiding you through each site, the saints, churches and works of art will come alive powerfully and help you enter deeper into spiritual treasures of Christian Rome.

Watch Dr. Sri Describe the Pilgrimage to Rome

Travel in a Smaller Group: Experience More!

Many trips to Rome take place in large groups that are moved around in tour buses. But we travel in a small group, enabling us to walk the beautiful streets of Rome, enter more deeply into prayer and visit many more sites not on the typical tourist itinerary.

Go Deeper in Your Faith

Personal guided tours by Dr. Sri through each site make the churches, saints and art come alive for our faith today.

Stay Two Blocks from the Vatican

Pray at the tombs of the martyrs and saints who shaped our Catholic faith.

Art, History & Saints (plus Course Credit Option)

Learn about the history, art and saints of Rome. With additional course registration and tuition costs, this pilgrimage can count for credit toward the Augustine Institute’s Distance Education degree or on-campus program. (Call the AI for more details at 303-937-4420.)

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Just a few of the many Rome sites:

  • The Catacombs of St. Calixtus
  • St. Peter’s Basilica / Blessed John Paul II’s tomb
  • Vatican Museum (including Sistine Chapel)
  • San Clemente (1st century Christian “house church” of Pope St. Clement)
  • The Major Basilicas
  • Tomb of St. Paul
  • Relics of the True Cross, Holy Stairs, Coliseum, Pantheon
  • General Audience with Pope Francis
  • Mass everday
  • Beautiful Assisi (including tombs of Sts. Francis and Clare)
  • Plus a free day to explore Rome/Italy on your own!

Testimonial from a Fellow Pilgrim

Karl Rides with the Pope