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Clergy Retreats • Catechetical Conferences & Workshops  Men’s & Women’s Conferences • Marriage & Family Conferences • Young Adult • Parish Talks
Parish & Diocesan Leaders

Dr. Sri Talks for Clergy, Catechists, Parish Leaders & Volunteers


Making Missionary Disciples—Transform Your Parish through
Discipleship and Evangelization

This presentation helps people of all walks of life — diocesan leaders, parish staff, volunteers, laity — live out the call to be “missionary disciples.” Discover the true meaning of discipleship in ways that will transform our parishes, ministries, families and communities. The more we live as “missionary disciples,” the more we will be the Lord’s instruments in evangelization. This talk is based on Edward Sri’s book on discipleship, Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ (Ignatius Press).

In the Dust of the Rabbi: Making Discipleship Come Alive for Parish Faith Formation Today

In the ancient disciple-rabbi relationship, the disciple would follow the rabbi so closely that he would be covered in the dust kicked up from his rabbi’s feet. Thousands of years later, though we walk on roads of pavement and not dust, we are still called to be disciples – to follow our Rabbi, Jesus Christ, so closely that we are covered with his life, changed, and made new.

This presentation explores how discipleship is the Biblical model for effective faith formation and leads people to an ever-deeper encounter with Jesus.  Discover the four main habits of a disciple, the difference between a parish faith formation effort based on programs and one based on discipleship, and how discipleship offers a framework for leading souls to initial conversion and the next steps in their walk with God. Whether you work in religious education, marriage formation, RCIA, youth ministry or Catholic schools or you volunteer at your parish or are a small group leader, learn how to make discipleship not just a Catholic buzz word but a life-transforming experience for the people you serve.

Vibrant Faith in a Secular Age: Today’s Challenges for Parish Leaders, Teachers and Families

This presentation engages the challenges we, our children and our friends constantly face from the secular culture—challenges that, if not addressed, can choke the life of faith in the people we love.

  • Why do I need a Church? Can’t I be spiritual on my own?
  • Isn’t one religion just as good as another?
  • Isn’t each person free to make up his own morality?
  • Why does the Church talk so much about human life, sex and marriage?  Shouldn’t we just be tolerant and get along with everyone?
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This engaging and thought-provoking talk shows how parish ministry and faith formation in the home cannot be “business as usual.” We cannot simply teach the truth. We must pass on the faith in a way that anticipates the cultural influences that affect the life of faith and give people the tools to thrive as intentional Catholics in a relativistic world.

In this talk, Dr. Edward Sri helps us navigate the challenges to faith from the secular culture, as he draws from his book based on the Symbolon film series. It’s called Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained (Ignatius Press).

The New Evangelization and the Extraordinary Mission of Our Times

Though there is much talk about the New Evangelization, most Catholics don’t understand what it really means. And even fewer know how it affects their daily lives. In this presentation, Dr. Edward Sri will offer a clear explanation of what exactly the New Evangelization is and how it should shape every Catholic’s life – at home, at work, at the parish and in the world.

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Learn from Popes John Paul II, Benedict and Francis how to make the New Evangelization not just a Catholic “buzz word” but a reality that transforms your parish, your family, and your own personal life.

Beloved: Marriage Formation in a Post-Marriage Culture

Does marriage matter anymore? That’s a question many in our world ask. But the Sacrament of Matrimony not only corresponds to our heart’s deepest desires and leads to better lives and better societies. It’s also at the very heart of God’s plan for human happiness.

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The Joy of the Gospel: Living Pope Francis’s Vision for Parish Ministry

Pope Francis often makes headlines, but few encounter his actual teachings which are like an examination of conscience challenging us to grow as Christian disciples.
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Other Topics for Individual Talks or Day-Long Workshops/Retreats

  • The Spirituality of the Catechist
  • The Kerygma: How to Share the Gospel
  • The Power of Your Witness: How to Share Your Testimony
  • Accompaniment: Jesus’ Model of “Incarnational Evangelization”
  • A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion
  • A Walk through the Salvation History: Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible
  • A Walk through Matthew’s Gospel
  • A Walk through Mark’s Gospel
  • A Walk through Luke’s Gospel
  • A Walk through John’s Gospel
  • The Power of God’s Word: Using Scripture in Teaching, Faith Formation and Small Groups
  • Mary in the Bible
  • Giving Your Parishioners A Catholic Moral Vision