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5 days ago

I still miss him...a lot.


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More than ever!!! Imagine going through the pandemic with him...

Me too. Prayed at the Vatican at his tomb.

I do too. A giant in the spiritual world.

WYD Toronto was amazing

I see more and more continuity between Pope St John Paul II and Pope Francis all the time. I think major ground work was laid by St John Paul II which is seeing organic development in Francis.

My heart longs for the Good Shepherd that can fight off the wolves!

He was a wonderful Pope and leader of the Church.

St JP is just a prayer away...

Me too!!!

St. Pope John Paul II pray for us!!!

We all do...one man, one force, one soldier, one child of God, who made (and is still making) a big difference in the world.

I think we all do.

I miss his wisdom, leadership and the love of Jesus that poured out of him. His presence was Jesus with us.

We all miss him, and yet, I believe he has the ear of Our Blessed Lord and is keeping all His Church protected by the Holy Spirit!

My favourite moment with my favourite Saint.

Now, more than ever!

He brought many souls to Jesus.

There will be none like him. He’s was so amazing! In every single way!

We all miss him A LOT!!!!!

Amen I wish he was back! Very disappointed with where the current Pope is leading us....

I miss him as well. My inspiration.


Me too.

Samuel Chan

I do too! We did not fully appreciate what we had in St. Pope John Paul II

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