A Biblical Walk from the Last Supper to Calvary
By Edward Sri

We can accompany Jesus during the climax of Holy Week by reading the parts of the Passion Narratives as the events would have unfolded from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. This is something I’ve done for over 25 years, but it will take on greater importance this year as we will not be able to attend the Triduum liturgies.

Here below is a list of those Gospel accounts, broken down by the individual scenes with recommendations for a good time to read them during Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and
Easter. Especially this year when most of us are unable to participate in the Triduum liturgies, we can still accompany Jesus in the inspired words of Scripture and prayerfully reflect on Christ’s passion, step-by-step, walking with Jesus from the Last Supper to Calvary.

How to Use This Guide: Not Just Reading, but Encountering
The goal is not simply to read the accounts of Christ’s passion. During Holy Week, we want to enter into them spiritually. We want to encounter the Living Jesus in his supreme moments of suffering for us. So take time to prayerfully read through them. Read slowly. Pause when you are moved by something you read. Ask Jesus about it. Talk to Him about what you’re reading. Tell him you love him. Thank him for all that he did for you in his Passion.

  • There are two options for using this guide:
    The Simple Option: Just pick just one Gospel and prayerfully read through the various scenes at the recommended times from Holy Thursday through Easter. Get to know one Gospel account of Christ’s Passion well.
  • The Go-Getter Option: Read all Four Gospel accounts for each of the Passion narrative scenes at the recommended times and take time to pray through them. When reading all four Gospel accounts of each scene, you will get the full picture of what Scripture tells us about Christ’s passion. You’ll also get to know the distinctive contributions and emphases of each Gospel writer. So if you have a little more time at your disposal, this is a good option to go deeper.

Your Biblical Walk through Holy Week
Last Supper (Read Holy Thursday afternoon)
Matthew 26:17-29
Mark 14:12-25
Luke 22:7-38
John 13:1-17:26

Agony in the Garden & Arrest (Read Holy Thursday early evening)
Matthew 26:30-56
Mark 14:32-52
Luke 22:24-53
John 18:1-11

Trial Before Sanhedrin & Peter’s Denials (Read Holy Thursday late evening)
Matthew 26:57-75
Mark 14:53-72
Luke 22:54-71
John 18:12-27

Trial Before Pilate (Read Good Friday morning)
Matthew 27:1-26
Mark 15:1-15
Luke 23:1-25

Scourging, Crowning & Way of the Cross (Read Good Friday mid-day)
Matthew 27:27-32
Mark 15:15-21
Luke 23:26-31

Crucifixion and Death (Read Good Friday afternoon)
Matthew 27:32-54
Mark 15:22-41
Luke 23:32-49

Burial (Read Good Friday evening or Holy Saturday)
Matthew 27:55-66
Mark 15:42-47
Luke 23:50-56

Resurrection (Read Easter Sunday & Easter Week)
Matthew 28
Mark 16
Luke 24
John 20-21

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Feel free to share this guide with family, friends and your parish community and let me know how your Biblical walk goes. You can contact me at edwardsri.com

God bless!
– Dr. Sri

©2020 Edward Sri