In this special live interview with Father Mike Schmitz, Father identifies the major barrier to discerning God’s will that he sees plague so many Catholics: the fear of making the wrong choice and disappointing God. This fear might keep someone from making a major vocational step of discernment, (e.g. entering the seminary or proposing), or it could keep someone from making other types of life decisions, (e.g. starting a Bible study or sending your kids to a new school). Father and I talk about this paralyzing tendency and share observations, insights, and practical steps to help you peacefully move forward in following God’s will for your life.

In a new book he helped co-author with the Angels, Pray, Decide, and Don’t WorryFr. Mike explains that a large part of discernment is actually making decisions, and trusting that even if we’re wrong, God will take care of us. And in almost all cases, this decision is simply the first decision in a series of decisions that will lead us in our walk of faith.

Today’s episode was recorded live at the FOCUS SLS Student Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you for all your prayers during this incredible, life-giving week spent with so many amazing young people on fire for the Lord!

Snippet from the Show

Our emotions don’t necessarily reveal the truth about reality, but they do reveal the conditions of our heart. 

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