You’ve Watched the Symbolon Videos…

Now Go Deeper with the Book

Because Every Catholic Deserves to Know His Story

Based on the acclaimed film series Symbolon, this book by best-selling author Edward Sri gives adult Catholics something many of them didn’t receive growing up: the “why” behind what we believe as Catholics and the “how” we need to put our faith into practice each day. As Dr. Sri walks you through the Catholic Church, he does so addressing the common questions we face living in a secular culture. Questions such as…

  • Why do I need the Church—can’t I be spiritual on my own?
  • Isn’t one religion just as good as another?
  • Aren’t Chistians being judgmental when they talk about morality? Shouldn’t each individual be free to make up his own moral truth?
  • Why do Catholics and Protestants disagree?
  • Must Catholics worship Mary and always obey the pope?

More than an intellectual enterprise, this work is also a deep spiritual reflection and a practical guide to living out our faith in Christ. It aims to form both the head and the heart, not only helping us to understand Jesus and his plan of salvation, but inspiring us to love God and our neighbor better. Follows chapter-by-chapter the Symbolon film series. Excellent for parents, families, RCIA, catechist formation, parish leaders, small group leaders and individuals seeking to learn more about the Catholic Faith.

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