Many say, “What I do in my private life doesn’t matter – as long as I’m not hurting anyone.” But there are many ways we hurt people simply by failing to be the best we can be. In this week’s episode, Edward Sri helps us respond to this objection and talk about moral truth, underscoring how what we do in our ‘private lives’ greatly impacts other people – for better or for worse.  

Episode Notes:

  • The Objection: “What Could be Wrong With This? I’m Not Hurting Anyone!”
  • First Response: C.S. Lewis Fleet of Ships Analogy
    • Don’t Collide (Social Laws – Don’t Hurt Others)
    • Each Individual Ship is Seaworthy (Individual Moral Character)
    • Why Both Are Necessary
  • Second Response: Two Ways to Fail In Life
    • “In What I Have Done”
    • “And In What I Have Failed to Do”
  • The Myth of “Private” Life
  • How What We Do In Our Personal Lives Impacts Others
  • Three Examples
    • Studies
    • Prayer
    • Fatherhood


C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Edward Sri, Who Am I to Judge?

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