Before you say you’re pro-life, you might want to consider themes from JP2’s hard-hitting encyclical “The Gospel of Life.” It’s like an examination of conscience. It not only challenges us to take a deeper look at what’s really happening in “the culture of death.” It also invites us to consider the ways we Christians might be contributing to it through our own individualistic tendencies in our families, work environments and local communities.

Be inspired to combat the culture of death and build a civilization of love—one soul at a time, beginning with the people God has placed in your daily life.

In this week’s podcast, Edward Sri brings together two themes this week: St. John Paul II’s feast day (which normally is celebrated October 22) and Respect Life month.

Show Notes:

Here’s a link to the Encyclical discussed in this podcast: John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae (1995).