Ed Sheeran’s recent popular song repeatedly boasts, “I’m in love with your body.” But will that kind of love satisfy the depths of the human heart?  We long to be loved for who we are, not just for our bodies.  But in our over-sexualized world, many young people think, “I’ll never find someone who will love me for who I am, as a person…The best I can do to focus on my physical appearance, dress a certain way and hope that someone will at least love my body.”

Edward Sri helps us discover the real purpose of sensual attraction. According to JPII’s ‘Theology of the Body,’ God wired us to notice the ‘good looks’ of the opposite sex in order to lead us to a deeper appreciation of the person who has those good looks. But relationships built on the “I’m in love with your body” kind of love never last. For such is love is not focused on the person. It reduces the person to a mere body to be exploited for one’s own pleasure, enjoyment and sexual satisfaction.  We are made for much more than that.

Rise above the culture of “I’m in love with your body.” Pursue your heart’s deepest desires, which is for authentic love. Learn the proper use of sensual attraction and how it can lead to genuine friendship, lasting relationships and even a true appreciation of the beauty of the body.