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098 A Bishop Speaks on the Abuse Crisis

“How can we stay with a Church that has so many problems?” Dr. Sri unpacks key insights from Bishop Barron’s recent book “A Letter to a Suffering Church” – a book that takes a hard look at the clergy abuse scandal and offers hope and some practical ways forward.

If you don’t have time to read it, listen to this brief summary of the many gems in this helpful book.


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097 Fit for a Queen: Mary’s Greatest Basilica

Why would Catholics build a whole basilica dedicated the Blessed Virgin Mary? Isn’t this distracting from Jesus? Shouldn’t we be building churches in honor of Jesus, not Mary?

And why would the Catholic Church have a special liturgical feast day celebrating the dedication of this Marian basilica? 

In this special edition, we go to the principle church dedicated to Mary all the world, as we prepare to celebrate on August 5 the memorial of the dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major’s – one of Dr. Sri’s favorite churches in all of Rome.

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096 A Week in Poland – Our 20th Wedding Anniversary Pilgrimage

Our marriage began with JP2 blessing it in Rome on our honeymoon. So for our 20th wedding anniversary last week, we wanted to do a special marriage pilgrimage to Krakow and walk in the footsteps of this great saint.

In this episode, Beth and Edward Sri discuss the importance of couples getting time away and share from their experiences at the sites of JP2’s youth and years a priest and bishop in Krakow where he poured his life into university students, battled the atheistic Communists, and guided young couples in their marriages.  

They also share their experiences at Auschwitz and the shrine to Our Lady of Czestochowa as well as inside stories from locals who lived through Communist Poland and saw their country transformed through the interventions of Pope John Paul II.

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095 Messianic Prophecies, Fulfillment in Christ – Reading Matthew (Part 2)

Every detail of the Gospels is there for a reason: to show Jesus fulfilling all the ancient prophecies from the Old Testament. 

More than any other Gospel, Matthew is constantly alluding to Jewish hopes and expectations to demonstrate how God has been preparing humanity for the Savior and how Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah.

Do you know the two main ways Matthew shows prophecies coming to fulfillment in Christ?


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094 The Secret to Matthew’s Gospel – Reading Matthew (Part 1)

Why does the Catholic Church hold up Matthew’s Gospel as so crucial for passing on the Faith–whether as a parent, teacher, catechist or friend?

And why does Matthew stand out in times of evangelization and renewal in the Church?

Matthew’s background as a tax collector gives an important clue into how he gave his Gospel a beautiful structure – a structure that is the key to understanding the story of Jesus as the climax of the history of the world.

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093 Mary, Saints & Purgatory – Listeners’ Questions

When the saints die, they don’t get cut off from the Body of Christ. They’re closer to Jesus and thus even closer to us, able to hear our prayers and intercede powerfully for our needs. 

In this episode, Edward Sri answers listeners questions on a range of topics, including Mary, the Saints, Purgatory, and responding to our teen and young adult children’s questions about the Catholic Faith.  

You can send your questions to Dr. Sri at


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092 The Highest Expression of God’s Love: Sacred Heart of Jesus

Mercy is the highest expression of God’s love. But His mercy is not like that of a judge who merely pardons our violations of the law or a demanding boss who one day decides to overlook the mistakes in our work. 

This week’s Solemnity of the Sacred Heart invites us to ponder the Biblical truth of God’s mercy – a mercy rooted in God’s amazing unconditional love, a love that remains faithful even when we are unfaithful. 

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091 The Bible’s Most Powerful Argument for the Eucharist

How can Catholics believe the Eucharist is really the Body of Christ? ‘It’s just a piece of bread!  It’s just a symbol of Jesus, not his real presence,’ some would say. 

But there’s one Biblical passage that offers the richest theology of the Eucharist and most clearly demonstrates how much Jesus wanted to give us his very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the total gift of Himself in every Holy Communion.

This special edition of All Things Catholic was recorded on location in Capernaum in the Holy Land at the remains of the Synagogue where Jesus gave his famous ‘Bread of Life Discourse” in John’s Gospel, chapter 6. 

You can learn more about pilgrimages with Dr. Sri to the Holy Land at

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089 Led by the Holy Spirit – Pentecost

“Holy Spirit, inspire me in all my actions….guide me in all my decisions….”

After Pentecost, the Apostles were transformed men. We can experience that same transformation in the Spirit today – if we grow in deeper relationship with the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.


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088 Mary’s Open Heart – Part 2

Mary isn’t just open. She actually allows God to act in her life – even when it’s hard and unclear and when all she can do is walk by faith and not by sight. How can we be more like Mary, living trustful surrender as she did?

For more on this topic, see Edward Sri’s book “Walking with Mary” (Image Books).

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087 Mary’s Open Heart – Part 1

Mary’s “Yes” was not a one-time “Fiat” in Nazareth. She had to renew her trustful surrender to the Father’s plan repeatedly throughout her life. Will we, like Mary, always be on the lookout for the next step God is asking us to take?

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086 Is Scripture Really Inspired by God?

“What makes the Bible different from Muslim, Hindu or other sacred texts from the world’s many religions? Can a modern serious thinker really believe that God inspired human beings to write his Scriptures?  Doesn’t that sound like fairy tales?” 

In this episode, Edward Sri addresses these and other questions about the divine inspiration of Scripture.


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085 The Rosary: Dealing with Distractions

Does your mind wander when you pray the Rosary?  Discover five keys to help you overcome distraction and encounter Jesus and Mary more in this powerful prayer.  May is Mary’s month and a good time to reinvigorate our devotion to Mary.

In this episode, Edward Sri draws on insights from his book “Praying the Rosary Like Never Before” 


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084 Did Jesus Appear to Mary on Easter?

Why do the Gospels never mention Jesus appearing to Mary on Easter? Does that mean it didn’t happen?  Actually, the Risen Jesus probably appeared to Mary first – eagerly rising from the dead as early as possible on Easter morning so he could be reunited with his mother.

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083 Resurrection: Hoax or History?

Can a serious thinker in the 21st century really believe in the resurrection of Jesus? When people die, they stay dead.  How can Christians claim Jesus was different? The resurrection of Christ seems like a fairy tale—a Christian myth, invented by the apostles.

That’s what many people in our secular age might think about Easter. How would you respond?  Gain the clarity and confidence to explain our belief in the resurrection to others in this week’s episode.


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082 Good Friday Triumph – Christ’s Seven Last Words (Parts 5-7)

The Cross is not Christ’s defeat. It’s his moment of triumph.  Discover the Biblical meaning of the last three sayings from the Cross: “I Thirst”….”It is finished”….and “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

For example: “I Thirst.” Jesus isn’t just thirsting for something to drink. He thirsts for you—for your love, time and attention..for your total surrender to him. Will you make more room for him in your soul this Holy Week?

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080 Behold Your Mother: Christ’s Seven Last Words (Part 3)

Shortly before he dies, Jesus gives us one last gift: the gift of Mary as our spiritual mother. Indeed, this scene of Mary and the beloved disciple at Calvary is one of the most crucial Biblical passages for demonstrating Mary’s important role in the life of every Christian.

In this episode, Edward Sri walks through the Biblical foundations for Mary’s spiritual motherhood as he considers the third of Jesus’ last words on the Cross: “Woman, behold your son…Behold, your mother.”

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079 The Good Thief’s Secret: Christ’s Seven Last Words Part 2

Did you know that the Good Thief was blaspheming Jesus at Calvary, joining the others in their mocking of Christ?  What made him suddenly have a change of heart and encounter God’s amazing love and mercy?

Edward Sri unearths the Biblical background of this last minute conversion and Jesus’ final words to him: “Today you will be with me in paradise.”


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078 Christ’s Seven Last Words – Part 1

Imagine being at Calvary with Jesus looking you in the eye and speaking these Seven Last Words personally to you. 

In this episode, Edward Sri unpacks the Biblical meaning of Christ’s Seven Last Words. But don’t think of these merely as words spoken to the world in general.

Jesus was thinking of you on Calvary. He know what you’d be going through this year, this month, this day—and He spoke these Seven Last Words personally to you—to comfort you, challenge you, and encourage you today. 

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077 Why “The Passion”?

“God loves us with all the passion of a true love,” says Pope Benedict. Discover how the theological background of the word ‘passion” can help us encounter God’s love for us in a deeper way this Lent.

Special give-away in this episode. To enter a drawing for a signed copy of Edward Sri’s new book “No Greater Love,” email topic ideas for future episodes to:


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076 The Heart of Lent

Enter the very heart of Lent this year – not just Lent’s devotions and sacrifices.  For Lent isn’t about simply giving up something like chocolate. It’s more about creating space in our souls to encounter God at a deeper level.

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Terrific to have Dr. Sri’s’ solid theology and rich inspiration expressed in his characteristically accessible and joyful manner delivered to my iphone every week!

Awesome insight and great practical application into my daily life. Dr. Sri’s messages really encourage me to learn more, be closer to Jesus and self reflect.

Dr. Sri does not disappoint! He’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and insightful. One of my favorite Catholic speakers. I’m glad I can listen to him more with this podcast.